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Online Dating

A lot of people are turning to on-line dating services such as eHarmony,, and to find people they have things in common with. Although it gives you an easier way to find someone in the area you may have not met otherwise, sites like these don’t ever truly know the person they are matching you up with before hand.

It seems people have gotten more lazy and would rather have a search engine pair them up with someone rather then going out and meeting people for themselves. When you meet someone, you can see who they are by what they dress, how the act, even how they talk, with an on-line dating profile, you get only what they decided to put on the website. When person’s profile gives their hobbies and what they like, who’s to say they didn’t make something they think some one ELSE would like to hear. If you need to think about what someone would like to hear from reading your profile, you have already lied to tons of people about who you are.

And probably the worst thing of all, many of these sites require you to pay to put your name and profile out to potential dates. A date isn’t always guaranteed. So why even pay? Do yourself a favor and save yourself some money and wasted energy and just get out in the real world and look for yourself. If you can’t be social to get a date, how long do you think you can make a relationship last?