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Live Blog Part I: College

7:45 – Me and my date, Sky, arrive with her friend Jeanie at the resturaunt.

7:51 – Adam arrives. We all say hello.

7:57 – We continue to wait to be seated. All four of us talk about the end of the semester.

8:08 – We are seated. Adam and Jeanie sit on one side of the booth.

8:11 – I figure out what I want while Adam and Jeanie find out what each other likes in terms of food.

8:16 – Adam reveals he is very into football and loves being out as much as he can. Jeanie isn’t a big sports girl but does enjoy going out from time to time.

8:20 – Jeanie goes out for a smoke. Adam doesn’t look very pleased.

8:21 – Comments to me that he is really turned off by her smoking especially since he is an athlete.

8:23 – Jeanie returns and Adam asks when she stared smoking.

8:27 – Adam and Jeanie continue to talk more about likes and dislikes jumping from topic to topic.

8:36 – Food arrives.(finally)

8:38 – The two get into what they want to do after school. Neither goes about asking the other for more detail on their future careers.

8:45 – They continue to talk, more about themselves rather then asking about the other. They seem to have very little in common and not very interested in each other.

8:54 – Adam asks Jeanie what she is doing over break and she responds with “Hanging out with close friends and seeing family.”

8:56 – Both finish up eating and begin taking out money for the bill.

9:01 – Waiter brings the bill and both put in their share. Adam doesn’t offer to pay for her and Jeanie says she will meet us outside while she has a smoke. Adam doesn’t look happy.

9:05 – We gather outside to say goodbye. Both say they had a good time and thank us for introducing them. Neither gets the other’s number and go off on their own.