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Dress to Impress

First impressions are always important from the business world to dating. And one of the things that the person you are meeting for the first time notices, are the clothes you are wearing and how you are presenting yourself. Women have the ability to wear next to nothing and grab the attention of every man in the room and those that she passes on the streets. But as great of a way as that is to get a guy to start talking to you and show him how good you look, he will instantly start thinking of what kind of girl you really are.

A lot of men who met girls at bars and clubs usually see a majority of women with short tight skirts and low cut tops. Although there’s nothing to complain about from a guys point of view, women can’t get angry when men assume that they are asking for attention by how they are dressing. Is it a fair assumption? No. Does it happen a lot? All the time. If you just like the attention continue to wear the next to nothing outfits, but be prepared to get the guys who will assume you are easy.

The best thing you can wear out or just on a first date, are a pair of nice jeans and any kind of top which won’t reveal to much. Girls, if you are good looking, it really won’t matter too much of what you are wearing. Looking like you didn’t just walk off the runway will actually make you more approachable and more likely men will want to talk to you because you look good and not because you look like your easy. Because that will not lead to a long term relationship at all.