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Great relationship, better future

A lot of people try so hard to make a relationship work but the problem is, is if you need to try THAT hard, perhaps it just isn’t meant to be. Other just know when they are happy together and if it will work. In a time when Internet dating is becoming more popular and people seem to get married younger and younger, one couple found that being themselves and not rushing into anything worked for their advantage.

Jackie and Steve are a young 30’s couple who have been married for about 3 years. The have a one year old baby and plan on having another one sometime in the next year or so.

Anthony: So how did everything work for your guys that you were able to take your relationship this far?

Steve: Well, we met in college through friends and hit it off really well together. We both had a lot of work between us but when we had time, we spent it together and never tried to make the other rush to hang out because it was such an emergency. We were both understanding of the others school and work issues.

Jackie: And we both knew that school doesn’t last forever. If we wanted to be with each other there was always something after and we could deal with not seeing each other for a few days at a time.

Anthony: So after school was over and you had more time for each other, how did things go?

Jackie: They went really well. Things picked up even more. We had more dates together and more time to be alone and not worry so much about what was due in class next week and we could really just focus on us and what our lives were becoming. And the important thing was, we never rushed anything. We never said we HAVE to move in together or we HAVE to get married.

Steve: I didn’t want to be that couple that got married because we were in love and couldn’t wait. As great as starting a family is and everything, you have to really ask yourself “Ok, if we get married then what?” Because i see kids getting married before they’re out of college and just go insane. They don’t understand the problems they cause down the road.

Anthony: What kind of problems do you mean?

Steve: The number one thing is money problems. If you truly love someone as much as i love Jack, then a piece of paper saying your married is just a bonus down the road. I don’t think a lot of these kids think that far ahead. And its very weird of me saying “those kids” when I was one of them not too long ago. (laughs) As great as it is to start a family and want to have a relationship that last forever, rushing things could put that in jeopardy.

Anthony: If you can say one thing to all those young kids and adults who are beginning to get serious with each other, what would it be?

Jackie:Don’t be jealous or over protective. Especially in school I know people can feel like others are trying to take you girlfriend of boyfriend but trust them enough that they can go out with friends and still come back to you at night. If they cant do that then the hell with them. (laughs)

Steve: That and never rush. Again, if i asked Jack to marry me earlier then when i had, we might not have things so easy now or as strong of a relationship.

Anthony: Thank you very much for your time and I wish you best best with your family.