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Jessica Simpson is still hot

Do we really have to hear that Jessica Simpson is getting fat? No. And quite honestly, it’s getting a little ridiculous hearing

Jessica Simpson still looks better then most people her age.

Jessica Simpson still looks better then most people her age.

that she is. She may not be the smaller version of herself that we all may be used to but she still looks damn good. In fact, she looks better in the picture to the right then Lindsay Lohan does now. Thats right. The smaller, blonder, not as hot Lindsay Lohan. I think everyone needs to clam down with this obsession we have about talking about how much weight celebrities are gaining. Maybe people, like Lindsay, need to add a few more pounds to look better. Remember when she had red hair and was hot? Remember when we talked about her because she was in movies and not a lesbian? Hopefully we won’t have to hear about Simpson’s weight loss problem if she loses a few pounds. Maybe people shouldn’t worry about her so much. She’s not like shes a drug addict or a horrible mother. I think she can be left alone now.


Where Do You Get Off? is a great place to find out random happenings and what’s going on in the world, but fashion? Perhaps they should stick with news . . .or at least hire someone that knows what looks good.

The 2009 SAG awards were held on Sunday night and, of course, lots of Hollywood’s top ladies were their for the event.  They all looked stunning but of course, someone has to swoop in and give negative feedback on how “bad” they looked. What average Joe wouldn’t love to walk down the red carpet with any of these women?

What is wrong with Jane Krakowski? Julie Benz? Jenna Fischer? Really Yahoo? Jenna Fischer looks bad? I think I speak for a lot of people when I say No, she does not.

And it’s not just Yahoo that does the pointless stories. Do we really need hundreds of magazines telling us who looks good and who doesn’t? I can’t get a story anymore with who won and how happy they are and possibly what new works they are planning on doing?

I want to see the clothes of the people that write these stories. I’m sure your not making everyone’s top list either.