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Live Blog Part II: Divorced

6:31 – Me and my date are the first of two couples to arrive at Nick”s house.

6:42 РThe other couple, Debbie and Karl, arrive with their friend, Shannon, who will be meeting Nick for the first time. The two greet each other with a handshake.

6:47 – Nick apologizes for dinner being a few minutes late. Shannon makes a comment about loving a man who can cook.

6:54 – We sit down for dinner. Shannon explains how she knows Debbie and Karl, as does Nick. Nick says he is surprised he has not met her before and he is sorry for that.

6:58 – Nick says he hopes everyone’s food came out well. And it did.

7:01 – Shannon asks how Nick got into his line of work and if he likes it.

7:16 – Nick brings up the topic of kids. Shannon has 2 just like Nick.

7:25 – We get into the state of the economy and how it is effecting everyone during the holidays.

7:33 – Dinner has been done for several minutes but Nick finally cleans the table and ask about dessert. He brings out chocolate cake.Yum.

7:36 – Shannon is still taken by Nick’s cooking skills again.

7:51 – We finish dessert and move into the living room and play several board games. Each couple is a team. Shannon and Nick bond and work very well together.

8: 32 – Games come to an end. Shannon must leave because her babysitter can only stay until 9.

8:36 – Shannon and Nick say goodbye and expect to see each other again getting each others. E-mail and number.

I think even without people being there, everyone can see which couple clicked and which didn’t. It was very fun, and at times akward, to watch both couples in action. I feel by being there it didn’t change how either couple acted at all, in fact it helped pick up conversations from time to time. Since Nick is older then Adam, he felt more comfortable having people in his house and entertaining others rather then Adam would have and it seemed to work out for him. All four singles brought something to the conversation and was different in their own way, but how they acted and responded definatley showed their age. I think it just shows that no matter how old or young someone is, there are always problems and things to loook forward to. Its not the age, its the individual.


Live Blog Part I: College

7:45 – Me and my date, Sky, arrive with her friend Jeanie at the resturaunt.

7:51 – Adam arrives. We all say hello.

7:57 – We continue to wait to be seated. All four of us talk about the end of the semester.

8:08 – We are seated. Adam and Jeanie sit on one side of the booth.

8:11 – I figure out what I want while Adam and Jeanie find out what each other likes in terms of food.

8:16 – Adam reveals he is very into football and loves being out as much as he can. Jeanie isn’t a big sports girl but does enjoy going out from time to time.

8:20 – Jeanie goes out for a smoke. Adam doesn’t look very pleased.

8:21 – Comments to me that he is really turned off by her smoking especially since he is an athlete.

8:23 – Jeanie returns and Adam asks when she stared smoking.

8:27 – Adam and Jeanie continue to talk more about likes and dislikes jumping from topic to topic.

8:36 – Food arrives.(finally)

8:38 – The two get into what they want to do after school. Neither goes about asking the other for more detail on their future careers.

8:45 – They continue to talk, more about themselves rather then asking about the other. They seem to have very little in common and not very interested in each other.

8:54 – Adam asks Jeanie what she is doing over break and she responds with “Hanging out with close friends and seeing family.”

8:56 – Both finish up eating and begin taking out money for the bill.

9:01 – Waiter brings the bill and both put in their share. Adam doesn’t offer to pay for her and Jeanie says she will meet us outside while she has a smoke. Adam doesn’t look happy.

9:05 – We gather outside to say goodbye. Both say they had a good time and thank us for introducing them. Neither gets the other’s number and go off on their own.