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Upcoming: Play by Play of a Date

In the next few days, you will be able to see what goes on during a date of two people in college and of two people who are jumping back into the dating world. The college students, both 20, are meeting through a mutual friend and have only talked through texts and over the phone. The two people who are getting back into dating are both divorced. The man is 39 and the woman 37.

There may be a big age difference and generation gap between the two couples, but thats the point. We will see the similarites and differences in how both men and women will approach the date and how they may react to the other person. These two couples are not meeting each other and are not having their dates on the same night. I will go along with one or two other people, not as a third wheel so they don’t feel akward and also feel more relaxed not being alone with a new person for the first time. My goal is to just take note in their expressions, interactions, and thoughts during the night. It will certainly be interesting to see how both the younger couple and older couple are the same and how the generation gap plays a big part in how they act and how their conversation goes.

These accounts were not posted as each event happened but taken note of and wa