Getting Back Together?

Breaking up is always hard to do, especially if the person doing the breaking up is unsure if they are making the right move. Some time apart from each other can be good at times that way you can each cool off and have time to yourself to think about what the relationship means to you. But does not being with that person make you more or less happy?

Getting back together with your ex isn’t always the easiest or smartest thing to do but there are ways to make it happen. What you need to understand the most is that the reason the break up happened is because one of you wanted more space from the other. Respect that. If you feel a mistake was made don’t rush back to your ex saying you need to get back together.

Instead be there for when they want to talk but also enjoy your single life for a bit and some time out with new people and good friends. Give it a few weeks and take some time to think it over by yourself and someone you can really trust. Even though they may not help, saying what is on your mind out loud to someone helps you understand the situation more yourself.

If you both kept in  good contact with each other over the pasing weeks and are more happy, talk with them face to face about maybe giving it another try. Admit your mistakes and why you miss them. If it doesn’t work out then perhaps you can remain friends and see if anything evolves in the future. If you both feel like the time off did you good, you may be starting your old relationship anew.


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