The Long Distance Relationship

A long distance relationship is something that people usualy try once. Once because they have so many problems with it and never want to try it again. There are ways to make it work if you truely want to be with someone but the thing that people need to ask themselves, “Are we going to be together at some point in the near future?”

If the answer is yes, then your long distance relationship just may work. Keeping in touch over the phone and e-mail, and traveling to see each other will only work for so long. Phone calls become boring. The same with e-mail. Although it is fun to talk, the interaction you have with another person can never be replicated. The scarce visits make you feel rushed and looking forward to the next time, while you lose the fun in the current visit.

For many women, trust becomes an issue because many of them feel men cheat most of the time since they don’t get to see each other so often. It’s a common thing for women to suspect but if it becomes the only thing you talk about on your daily calls, it may be time to end it. Why bother staying in a relationship where you are constantly being accused of cheating when you can’t even talk face to face?

If you are the type of person that likes being with you other half more then once every few weeks, then long distance relationships probably aren’t your thing. Avoid situations like these were most of them probably won’t work out anyway. You can’t have a serious relationship with someone and expect to move forward as a couple if you are struggling just to see eachother. If you aren’t there physically, you can’t fully commit.


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