Those Office Flings

Dating someone who works at the same place that you do is just asking for trouble. Sure, you get to see them everyday, but that isn’t always a good thing. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to be with them and it most likely will affect your job performance. There are pros as well as cons to being with a co-worker but you have to ask yourself can it turn into a bad thing for me? Several people found out that they should have stayed away from their co-workers.


“I dated a guy in my office for a few months last year and it just became to much of a hassle. We were both in different departments so we thought it would be ok but there were still way too many problems, a lot from work related stuff, and we just had to stop. After that it just got a little to awkward.” – Jesscia L.

“I don’t work in an office but I did date a girl at a retail store that I was at and it was great for a few weeks but eventaully it got too hard because she would always want to be together when I had work to do and she would especially get mad when I would take break with other girls from my department. She was very insecure and it really affected both of us at work. After we ended it, it was very weird between us at work. Its great to have someone you care about but I think working with them puts a strain on a relationship.” – Steve H.

These are just two of an endless number of problems that can happen while dating someone in your work place. Are there ones that work out? Of course there are but if everything goes well in those situations, you don’t have to worry about your job. The more important thing is to make sure that dating and flings do not affect job performance. If you screw up your relationship not only will you lose a girlfriend/boyfriend, your job could be on the line. So before you jump into anything at work just ask yourself is it worth it before you wind up just another example of a failed relationship on someones dating blog.


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