Risking a friendship

When a very close friendship wants to be taken even further by one of the people involved, it is always a risky situation. Even though it’s something that may risk losing a good friend, in the end you have to tell the person how you feel because it will be very hard to think of “what could have been.” Man or woman, you have to be careful of when and how you bring up the conversation.

Never bring it up after someone just got out of a relationship, especially a long one or one with a very bad break up. Women might feel like men will be trying to take advantage of a situation and men may jump on the idea but most likely might not be thinking clearly. That could hurt the relationship from the start.

Try not to wait for the last minute to bring it up. If they plan on moving or going away for an extended period of time, don’t wait until right before they leave to express yourself. Just because it works in the movies doesn’t mean it will work here. There wont be enough time for you two to talk and it will leave things awkward. Even if they do say yes, then what? They wont even be around to be with.

Ease into the situation. Not matter if your a girl telling a guy or vice virsa, just make sure you understand that you could ruin a very close friendship. Never push the idea of you two going out onto the other. It will make them more nervous and akward then they already might be and the idea of you bring up being together could already be a shock for them to hear. No matter what the risk you should always tell someone how you feel. Its better to be rejected then to never know what could have been.


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