Why he cheats

Every woman has probably had suspicion of their boyfriend/husband cheating at least once. Its probably one of the most fought about things in a relationship, yet it continues to keep happening. It does sometimes come from jealousy as I noted earlier, but doesn’t always end up in a “nothing is happening” situation.

There are times when those guys will actually be cheating and the first question is always “why?”

Different Looks

And that could be the only reason. Simply because she’s not you. Some guys have a hard time being with one person for a long time without change. If its just physical, there is a chance you can both get past it and resolve your relationship. It doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t still care about you.

Someone else to talk to

If your relationship has been rocky lately and you aren’t addressing your problems with each other, he maybe getting his emotions out with someone else and if its another woman, it could lead to something. Men usually don’t express their emotions, especially when it comes to relationships, so if hes turning to someone else it could bring them closer. You cant always stop the fighting when your together, it will always happen no matter who it is and what its about. What you need to do is be ready when HE needs to talk.

Being restricted leads to wanting more

If you are the type of girl that doesn’t “let” your boyfriend talk or hang out with other girls, the only thing that’s going to happen, is that he will do it even more. Just because a girl hangs out with a guy doesn’t mean that anything will happen. But when he needs to sneak around you because of “rules” you’ve given him, its more then likely something happens because of this. Let him be friends with who he wants. If he truely cares, he wont allow anything to happen.


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