Jealousy is never healthy

Usually when people think of jealousy, they think of a crazy ex boyfriend of girlfriend who cant get over the fact that they are no longer together with someone. Jealousy begins to shows itself while two people are still in a relationship, even being the cause of a breakup. The best way to avoid this is to keep as little mystery from your partner as possible. Just because they go out with other friends and hang out with other people doesn’t mean that something is going on, or that you have any reason to get jealous.

For women, jealousy turns into accusing their man of cheating. Though they can be right, a break up is still possible because of an angry guy getting tired of not being trusted and having someone who is very jealous. As a girl, don’t me the favor and dont listen to this guyand lead your guy to become the jealous type and be lead to believe you are cheating. Why falsely lead someone to something that is not true? A relationship shouldn’t be viewed as a game because it will only cause problems for the both of you.

Lying and cheating lead to secrets which lead to the other becoming jealous and wanting answers.Both people in the relationship need to be open with each other and need to stay committed with that person.


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  1. Ava Faith Said:

    i totally agree. my boyfriend and i are extremely open with each other, which is why we never have anything to fight about. my other friends are jealous and insecure which leads to constant arguments. i think all guys should have the view that you have. if everyone was open and no one had secrets .. it would be better .. but some guys aren’t mature enough to see that. thanks for your advice .. keep posting ! i love it.

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