Baby getting in the way?

Having a baby can cause a relationship to become stronger or fall apart no matter who you are. Celebrity or not, having a baby not just changes your relationship, but your entire life. And even though couples usually wait until they are marries and ready to bring someone into the world, there are still many unwed single mothers having children at early ages.

Jamie Lynn Spears is one of the many young “stars” who has a child at an early age. With the arrival of a baby on the way, many feel her and the father to be, Casey Aldridge, should marry. But should their relationship be pushed to new heights just because of a child?

If you have the child best interest in heart, then do them a favor and yourself, and hold off the marriage.  A child at a young age will not understand what that is but what they will know is when their parents are there constantly. Being involved in the child’s life doesn’t depend on being legally married.

Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, and her father to be, Levi Johnston, have also said they will get married now that Bristol, 18, is pregnant. Will this really make it better? Shouldn’t their presence in the child’s life be more important then a rushed marriage? Everyone relationship is different so perhaps it will work. But just because someones situation worked out, doesn’t always mean the same outcome for a different couple. Analyze yours if you are caught in this problem. Will this complicate things even more?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a child at an early age if you are ready for it and have a pan set out. But be ready for the criticism and the negative feedback from others because there are many that still see teenagers, and even early twenty year olds, as still too young to start a family. Be smart and know you are also taking care of someone whose life you hold in their hands.


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  1. Karen A. Said:

    i totally agree!!! i mean i come from an old-fashioned family that is BIG on the marriage before having a baby thing. BUT my boyfriend’s parents are not married. BUT they are together and happy with their two kids. Although the first one was an accident they were ready to commit to their child. I don’t see any problems on having a child at an early age… as long as you are emotionally and financially ready.

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