Dragged out Relationship?

Breaking up is never easy to do. Especially if one of you don’t even see it coming. Sometimes there may be signs, but it doesn’t make it any easier. Whether its from stress or just not being able to get along over a long period of time, tension can build up between two people and cause problems. There are signs that can hint to a possible eruption between the both of you.

When the proposal is brought up you have to ask yourself, and your girlfriend/boyfriend, is this both what you really want? Is it stress that is causing your problems lately and making you fight over little things or are you both just ignoring the problems going on in the relationship and going on because you dont want to deal with a break up? Before making and quick decisions, ask yourself is this what you really want and if it would be the best move for you.    

Are you staying with this person to make yourself happy or them?

Are you more upset with them then you are without them?

Is there potential for a long lasting relationship even if problems were to be fixed?

If the answers to the questions make you think that a break up would make the most sense, then there is no reason to hold back. Sit down with them and give a reasonable explaination to the break up. They may not have to agree with you but the should know why it over.


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