Don’t be nervous when approaching a guy

Even in 2008, some women still feel akward or shy when approaching a guy. Most even feel like its a desperate move on their part. For most guys however, we like it. It even takes some of the pressure off the guy if he feels like he is getting mixed signals. Although there is nothing wrong with asking a guy out, there are some way you can go about doing it in hope of making it more successful.

Watch what you wear.

If you approach someone and barely have anything on, they will get the wrong impression. Although you make get into a convo, chances are there’re only talking to you because of what they think they can get. Be casual. Make sure your hair isn’t a mess and just look like you have everything together. Nobody want to be with someone if they look like they can’t even handle themselves.

Be friendly, not pushy.

Guys dont want to be around someone who looks like there desperate, whether they are or not. If your someone that he can get along with right from the beginning, you can almost guarantee that he will spend some more time with you.

Never seem to eager

Even though someone can be very friendly and not push for a date, girls shouldn’t give off the impression that they are very eager to make something happen either. Having a girl go up to a guy will show confidence and interest from both sides but if you as the girl seem very eager to make something happen, guy will get scared and feel reluctant to give out their number and see you again.

It doesnt matter if girls already know these things or not but whether you act upon them. If you stay confident and act yourself, you can pull of a smooth introduction and walk away feeling good and most likely with someone new.


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