Blind Date? You’re the one that should stay in the dark

For all those girls who love setting people up, try to keep those involved in the dark. A blind date is nothing more then a stressed out interview where both people will more then likely be uncomfortable. Try and make it as if its just a night out with friends. When two people get thrown into a situation where they feel like they have to learn about each other, it gets awkward. People want to just be themselves and hang out with others where they don’t have to try and impress someone.

Never talk another person up. Having high expectations for someone can ruin it. If someone has an image in their head or a personality they seem like they will be attracted to, it can be very damaging to the date if expectation fail. Especially early in the date. If two people just meet and start talking without knowing anything about the other before hand, the can be no disappointment later on. At least, not because of you anyway.

Keep the group small. With a large group of people, the two people who you want to end up together might not talk to each other with so many people around. With a small group the chances of them talking are much better. And now that they are talking, your job is pretty much over. Let them talk, laugh, even argue about different things they are interested in. If all goes well, they’ll exchange numbers themselves instead of going through you.

If the two think they met without anyone “trying” to fix them up, they’ll feel better about themselves and the relationship, if it goes that far. People dont want to be helped in finding people to be with. Just get them to go along with you and a few friends especially if there might be someone they may get along with. . .


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  1. Stacey Said:


    Especially because usually close friends can know you better than you know yourself, so when they think they know someone you would like, just trust them and go for it. Do not ask too many questions, or you will have nothing to ask the person that you are trying to get to know. Awkward situations usually turn into some of the best situations.
    You may or may not be able to get a relationship out of the blind date, but usually a friendship or relationship forms with the person, so in the end it would be worth it no matter what.

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