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Those Office Flings

Dating someone who works at the same place that you do is just asking for trouble. Sure, you get to see them everyday, but that isn’t always a good thing. It’s easy to get caught up in wanting to be with them and it most likely will affect your job performance. There are pros as well as cons to being with a co-worker but you have to ask yourself can it turn into a bad thing for me? Several people found out that they should have stayed away from their co-workers.


“I dated a guy in my office for a few months last year and it just became to much of a hassle. We were both in different departments so we thought it would be ok but there were still way too many problems, a lot from work related stuff, and we just had to stop. After that it just got a little to awkward.” – Jesscia L.

“I don’t work in an office but I did date a girl at a retail store that I was at and it was great for a few weeks but eventaully it got too hard because she would always want to be together when I had work to do and she would especially get mad when I would take break with other girls from my department. She was very insecure and it really affected both of us at work. After we ended it, it was very weird between us at work. Its great to have someone you care about but I think working with them puts a strain on a relationship.” – Steve H.

These are just two of an endless number of problems that can happen while dating someone in your work place. Are there ones that work out? Of course there are but if everything goes well in those situations, you don’t have to worry about your job. The more important thing is to make sure that dating and flings do not affect job performance. If you screw up your relationship not only will you lose a girlfriend/boyfriend, your job could be on the line. So before you jump into anything at work just ask yourself is it worth it before you wind up just another example of a failed relationship on someones dating blog.


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Risking a friendship

When a very close friendship wants to be taken even further by one of the people involved, it is always a risky situation. Even though it’s something that may risk losing a good friend, in the end you have to tell the person how you feel because it will be very hard to think of “what could have been.” Man or woman, you have to be careful of when and how you bring up the conversation.

Never bring it up after someone just got out of a relationship, especially a long one or one with a very bad break up. Women might feel like men will be trying to take advantage of a situation and men may jump on the idea but most likely might not be thinking clearly. That could hurt the relationship from the start.

Try not to wait for the last minute to bring it up. If they plan on moving or going away for an extended period of time, don’t wait until right before they leave to express yourself. Just because it works in the movies doesn’t mean it will work here. There wont be enough time for you two to talk and it will leave things awkward. Even if they do say yes, then what? They wont even be around to be with.

Ease into the situation. Not matter if your a girl telling a guy or vice virsa, just make sure you understand that you could ruin a very close friendship. Never push the idea of you two going out onto the other. It will make them more nervous and akward then they already might be and the idea of you bring up being together could already be a shock for them to hear. No matter what the risk you should always tell someone how you feel. Its better to be rejected then to never know what could have been.

Why he cheats

Every woman has probably had suspicion of their boyfriend/husband cheating at least once. Its probably one of the most fought about things in a relationship, yet it continues to keep happening. It does sometimes come from jealousy as I noted earlier, but doesn’t always end up in a “nothing is happening” situation.

There are times when those guys will actually be cheating and the first question is always “why?”

Different Looks

And that could be the only reason. Simply because she’s not you. Some guys have a hard time being with one person for a long time without change. If its just physical, there is a chance you can both get past it and resolve your relationship. It doesn’t necessarily mean he doesn’t still care about you.

Someone else to talk to

If your relationship has been rocky lately and you aren’t addressing your problems with each other, he maybe getting his emotions out with someone else and if its another woman, it could lead to something. Men usually don’t express their emotions, especially when it comes to relationships, so if hes turning to someone else it could bring them closer. You cant always stop the fighting when your together, it will always happen no matter who it is and what its about. What you need to do is be ready when HE needs to talk.

Being restricted leads to wanting more

If you are the type of girl that doesn’t “let” your boyfriend talk or hang out with other girls, the only thing that’s going to happen, is that he will do it even more. Just because a girl hangs out with a guy doesn’t mean that anything will happen. But when he needs to sneak around you because of “rules” you’ve given him, its more then likely something happens because of this. Let him be friends with who he wants. If he truely cares, he wont allow anything to happen.

Jealousy is never healthy

Usually when people think of jealousy, they think of a crazy ex boyfriend of girlfriend who cant get over the fact that they are no longer together with someone. Jealousy begins to shows itself while two people are still in a relationship, even being the cause of a breakup. The best way to avoid this is to keep as little mystery from your partner as possible. Just because they go out with other friends and hang out with other people doesn’t mean that something is going on, or that you have any reason to get jealous.

For women, jealousy turns into accusing their man of cheating. Though they can be right, a break up is still possible because of an angry guy getting tired of not being trusted and having someone who is very jealous. As a girl, don’t me the favor and dont listen to this guyand lead your guy to become the jealous type and be lead to believe you are cheating. Why falsely lead someone to something that is not true? A relationship shouldn’t be viewed as a game because it will only cause problems for the both of you.

Lying and cheating lead to secrets which lead to the other becoming jealous and wanting answers.Both people in the relationship need to be open with each other and need to stay committed with that person.

Fun Date Ideas

Baby getting in the way?

Having a baby can cause a relationship to become stronger or fall apart no matter who you are. Celebrity or not, having a baby not just changes your relationship, but your entire life. And even though couples usually wait until they are marries and ready to bring someone into the world, there are still many unwed single mothers having children at early ages.

Jamie Lynn Spears is one of the many young “stars” who has a child at an early age. With the arrival of a baby on the way, many feel her and the father to be, Casey Aldridge, should marry. But should their relationship be pushed to new heights just because of a child?

If you have the child best interest in heart, then do them a favor and yourself, and hold off the marriage.  A child at a young age will not understand what that is but what they will know is when their parents are there constantly. Being involved in the child’s life doesn’t depend on being legally married.

Sarah Palin’s daughter, Bristol, and her father to be, Levi Johnston, have also said they will get married now that Bristol, 18, is pregnant. Will this really make it better? Shouldn’t their presence in the child’s life be more important then a rushed marriage? Everyone relationship is different so perhaps it will work. But just because someones situation worked out, doesn’t always mean the same outcome for a different couple. Analyze yours if you are caught in this problem. Will this complicate things even more?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to have a child at an early age if you are ready for it and have a pan set out. But be ready for the criticism and the negative feedback from others because there are many that still see teenagers, and even early twenty year olds, as still too young to start a family. Be smart and know you are also taking care of someone whose life you hold in their hands.

60 years together after blind date

Interesting article on a couple who met on a blind date just after WWII. Times have certainly changed.

Met 60 years ago on a blind date

Met 60 years ago on a blind date

Dragged out Relationship?

Breaking up is never easy to do. Especially if one of you don’t even see it coming. Sometimes there may be signs, but it doesn’t make it any easier. Whether its from stress or just not being able to get along over a long period of time, tension can build up between two people and cause problems. There are signs that can hint to a possible eruption between the both of you.

When the proposal is brought up you have to ask yourself, and your girlfriend/boyfriend, is this both what you really want? Is it stress that is causing your problems lately and making you fight over little things or are you both just ignoring the problems going on in the relationship and going on because you dont want to deal with a break up? Before making and quick decisions, ask yourself is this what you really want and if it would be the best move for you.    

Are you staying with this person to make yourself happy or them?

Are you more upset with them then you are without them?

Is there potential for a long lasting relationship even if problems were to be fixed?

If the answers to the questions make you think that a break up would make the most sense, then there is no reason to hold back. Sit down with them and give a reasonable explaination to the break up. They may not have to agree with you but the should know why it over.

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